Easier way to add Asian or European characters.

Many of you probably already know this, but for the benefit of those who don’t:

There’s an easy way to add Asian or European characters with the “gag label” feature.

Just type the character in chat. e.g. “/1g label 奴” will work just fine. (btw “奴” means slave in Chinese and Japanese Kanji [Edit: apparently not, thanks Nagi Michinaga).

Now, the problem is if you don’t already have an Asian or European keyboard. Then you’ll need to find the character’s unicode number somewhere (maybe google it?), and then either:

(1) type the 4-character number like so: (e.g. “/1g \u5974” if you wish to use the unicode character “U+5974”, dropping the “+”), OR;

(2) in Window’s free Character Map program, look up the unicode (e.g. 5974) in the font Arial Unicode MS. Then you can select and then copy the character “奴”. Paste the character into your chat (e.g. “/1g label 奴”) and you’re done.

Have fun,

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