HUD beta.15 Leash Ring Force TP

HUD7-beta2Hi everyone,

The Force TP feature of the Leash Ring sounds like a single feature, but required multi-layered solutions to handle quite a number of different scenarios.

I’m happy to say that with beta.15, I’ve managed to improve on the experience without adding script-count.

Leash Ring Force TP

What works:

  • Owner wearing the Leash Ring remotely has the option of force-TP’ing sub over. Doesn’t matter if sub is seated, in a no-script zone, or doesn’t have RLV turned on. She just needs to be online.
  • When forced-TP this way, sub will arrive on all fours in Pet-Crawl if the TP-crawl is enabled, and she can’t get up herself if the crawl-lock option is on. Both these options can be set in Collar Menu > settings… > Leash… > force-tp.
  • If sub is leashed to Owner and Owner TP’s away, sub automatically follows. No need to force-TP manually.
  • Improved and smoother force-TP experience for the sub and Owner. As usual, there are subtle things that contribute to that overall feeling.
  • When leashed in RLV, sub can’t TP away herself.
  • New Leash Settings > force-TP options (whether automatically arrive in PetCrawl when summoned, and locked).

 What else is new with main HUD beta.15

  • Your Leash Ring will remember the previous leash length that was set, so if you rez it again, it will automatically leash at that leash length.
  • Fixed: PetCrawl bugs
  • Fixed: collar chat command “/1xx l” not working, where xx is the first name of the sub (e.g. “ja” for “Jane”).

How to get your beta.15 and uHUD

To get both HUD7 beta.15 and the uHUD, just go to the Secret Warehouse, say the password (“ponygirl”) and click the blue HUD7 Beta Board right above the Update Switch.

Sorry, you can’t get the uHUD directly from the HUD menu yet.

♥ Lulu

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