HUD7 Beta.16 Leash Menu

HUD7-beta2Hi everyone,

This new release brings with it an extensive Leash Menu.

This is the last major feature missing from HUD7 beta. 

Plus, with this release, script count remains the same, but I’ve managed to reduce memory usage!

Leash Menu

What works:

  • Easily manage each of subbie’s five Collar links (front, front2, left, right and back) separately:
    1. leash it to any object inworld!
    2. lengthen or shorten the leash
    3. re-leash to another leash link
    4. unleash
  • With five Collar links, you can either leash each link to a different object inworld, or leash everthing to one for a different look.


 Leash to five different objects (you can rez five Leash Rings) to severely limit subbie’s movements…


…or leash to one single thingie, you know, to be sure subbie is really not going anywhere. (btw Did you know you can hang your Leash Ring on the wall?)

  • The leashes are “real” and each leash will limit subbie’s movement (of course!) – so be careful how short you make them.
  • Subbie is not allowed to play with her own leash (unless she is self-owned).

Gear detection

Beta.16 has a revamped gear detection system, which should overcome the issues some people are having with some sims.

How to get your beta.16 and uHUD

To get both HUD7 beta.15 and the uHUD, just go to the Secret Warehouse, say the password (“ponygirl”) and click the blue HUD7 Beta Board right above the Update Switch.

Sorry, you can’t get the uHUD directly from the HUD menu yet.

♥ Lulu

2 thoughts on “HUD7 Beta.16 Leash Menu”

  1. Will this also include a fix so the collar doesn’t think it is constantly being detached as well? Whenever I login it happens or tp maybe because I have a mesh body attached ? Not sure

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