HUD 7.1 is here



A few of you would have had the notification by now: HUD 7.1 is out, after two weeks of early life as 7.1-beta.1. This version requires new keys for Owners, unless you’ve been on the 7.1-beta.1.

New improvements from 7.0:

  • Bell now respects volume and pitch settings during choke (thanks Miriam Himanez!)
  • Tattletale IMs more than one Owner (thanks digi256!)
  • Locks by ex-Owners can now be unlocked (thanks LydiaPierce!)
  • Smarter message when sub rezzes key and HUD not worn (thanks Darci!)
  • Resolved Cuff Menu, Cuff detach sound issue (thanks Zelis!)
  • Resolved right thigh Cuff issue (thanks Miriam!)
  • Leashing stability improvements

To get yours, just wear your HUD7 and wait a few. Your Owners will automatically get the new Key Box too.

Thanks to everyone who tested 7.1-beta.1 and who reported bugs and improvements. HUD7 keeps getting better  because of you!



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