And so, I came across this on Tumblr the other day:


… and it resonated with me.

I guess that’s why Every LULU has a Story… (you have read the new  Gag Story right? And the Collar Story?)

And that’s also why I’ve always thought that LULU gear should always be worn with words…

… which segues neatly into why I leave the default emote settings as “10m” instead of “private”.

See, in RL, if you were to do something in public, like put a Gag on your sub, people can actually see you doing it.

In SL, our field of vision is severely limited by the inworld camera, and we have no peripheral vision. Besides, SL doesn’t actually animate you putting anything on anybody – it just suddenly appears on that person. SL doesn’t animate you putting someone into a new pose either.

That’s where emotes come in. People around you can now be alerted to what you are doing. That’s the point.

You’re in public. Think about it.

I think that makes it all a bit more exciting, don’t you?

♥ Lulu

Edit: Don’t worry, the “private” and “off” settings are here to stay, for those private, discreet moments, or for those who prefer to emote their own; and of course, “20m” will always be there for the exhibitionists.





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