7.2 beta is out now


This beta brings several improvements and fixes.

Teleports can work without RLV, whether Leash Ring’s Force-TP, or uHUD’s “teleport” button. Also, previously, the uHUD’s “teleport” button was sub-only – now Owners can use that to TP the sub as well; and TP will no longer use maps. Plus, the “teleport” button will not work if sub is leashed. (thanks Miriam for all that!).

(EDIT) Additionally, Force-TP now works great within the sim as well. And, if you drop your Leash Ring from your hand, it will burrow into the ground (just like if you rezzed it inworld from inventory).

Thanks to Ashiera and trixi, Cuff poses will no longer extend your legs at inconvenient times.

PetCrawl lock icons sync better now (thanks thespike!).

Various RLV restrictions work as expected, on uHUD and leash (thanks thespike & Miriam!)

Help pages on the uHUD also work better now (thanks Miriam!).

Finally, there are various stability and useability improvements, particularly against slower sims (thanks Miriam and Kechara!).

How to get yours

When you next log on (or wear your HUD), you will be offered the Beta.

New Key Box (Keys and Leash Ring) will be required, as well as a new uHUD 2.1.

No new rlv-setup is necessary, don’t worry that you’re not prompted for it.


♥ Lulu


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