HUD 7.3 beta 2 is here


What’s new

Beta 2 is out, and comes with several new improvements over Beta 1:

Key Box

  • if you have RLV turned on, taking keys from the Key Box is now much easier. Go on, try it!
  • fixed a little typo on the key box menu (thanks Miriam Himanez)


  • fixed a few errant <?> page navigation issues (thanks Miriam Himanez)

Gag Training

  • fixed a wonky timing issue from beta 1 (thanks Tami Meredith!)

Cuffs pose

  • kneel pose will no longer disappear after getting up from sitting on an object with animation (thanks Miriam Himanez)

And other little tweaks that are hidden till you find ’em 😉

To get yours

You will automatically get the prompt when you log on.

Special Thanks

This version is brought to you by Miriam Himanez who did some heavy duty bug-catching plus pre-release testing; and also Tami Meredith who found the very bad Gag Training issue and reported it quickly.



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