HUD 7.3 beta 1 out now


Owner’s HUD

Work on the optional Owner’s HUD (oHUD) is going well. It’s turning out to be a lot more than I originally envisioned, and I’m quite happy with it. It will enhance your LULU experience, and you’ll feel  closer to your sub.

Even though it’s called “Owner’s” HUD, it can even be used by the sub, whether self-owned or otherwise.

HUD 7.3 beta 1

While the upcoming Owner HUD (aka oHUD) will work with the current HUD 7.2, there are some features which would only be available with the upcoming HUD 7.3.

With that in mind, HUD 7.3 beta is out now.

New with HUD 7.3 beta 1:

  • ready for the new Owner’s HUD
  • new “share” button
  • now discreet Cuffs will remain so all the time after relog
  • uHUD will not randomly forget you have RLV on after several TPs
  • optimisation for slower sims
  • improved  uHUD’s RLV Relay, more reliable (thanks Chloe!)
  • better-looking emotes and private messages for non-Firestorm viewers e.g. Singularity, SL Viewer etc.
  • many, many little touchups and tuneups under the hood

To get yours

You will automatically get the prompt when you log on.


A big thank you to Miriam Himanez for many bug reports and pre-release testing, and to Chloe1982 Constantine for diving in to make the uHUD’s RLV-relay more reliable.

Also thanks to everyone who reported bugs and suggested improvements.



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