Congrats Fuwenxu, First Slave x6

fuwenxuIt’s rare to have a First Slave x6, it’s doubly rare to have them two in a row! Welcome Fuwenxu, our latest First Slave x6!

I don’t know how to tell stories. Just a girl from China came to SL, looking for friends and fun.

At the beginning, I just found LULU was so fun that I started to use LULU Gear.

One day, I met my elder sister Crystal-幽魅 in SL. I gave my key to her. Then we found the Trial (now Training) mode of LULU gag in the chance. So I decided to have a try. Although I failed many times, but finally I got the first achievement.

“小雯, let us finish all the six achievements, ok?”” Yes, elder sister.” One, two, three….six. spent such a long time and failed so many times, but finally we got a big victory. So happy I am! Although have not seen elder sister for a long time, but I believe that she will very happy with me when she sees I have done.

Thanks LULU so much, even though elder sister have not been back here for a long time, but LULU always keeps us staying in a same way to fun.

Fuwenxu joins the rarefied First Slave x6 Gallery.

Congrats again, Fuwenxu!

♥ Lulu

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