HUD 7.3 is out


Hi everyone, this last month was incredibly, incredibly busy for me in RL… nonetheless, we managed to cover a lot of ground and now HUD 7.3 is out!

What’s new from 7.2

  • better-looking emotes and private messages for non-Firestorm viewers e.g. Singularity, SL Viewer etc.
  • better performance on slower sims
  • new “share the love” button
  • ready for the new Owner’s HUD
Key Box
  • if you have RLV turned on, taking keys from the Key Box is now much easier. Go on, try it!
  • fixed a little typo on the key box menu (thanks Miriam Himanez)
  • improved  uHUD’s RLV Relay, more reliable (thanks Chloe!)
  • when cheating out of an RLV Relay, now asks for confirmation (thanks Chloe and Miriam!)
  • after confirmation, RLV Relay is turned off so sub can’t be grabbed again (thanks Miriam)
  • uHUD will now remember RLV state even after several TPs
  • fixed a few errant <?> page navigation issues (thanks Miriam Himanez)
  • fixed a TP failure issue (thanks Miriam Himanez!)
Leash Ring
  • if hidden will stay hidden on relog. (to hide, click and hold to get the settings menu; or say “/1r*”)
  • hiding the Leash Ring will also hide the dangling chain.
  • discreet cuffs remain discreet after relog
  • kneel pose will no longer disappear after getting up from sitting on an object with animation (thanks Miriam Himanez)

To get yours

You will automatically get the prompt when you log on.

If you’re already on, just detach and re-wear your HUD.


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