HUD 5.7.0 Release Candidate out now

What’s new

  • White Cuffs: Signature Cuff white leather option will no longer revert to tan on relog.
  • Longer Security Check timeout: Lengthened Security Check timeouts, especially for logins (two minutes, even longer if sim freeze detected due to Mono scripts).
  • 37% lighter: Over a third lighter in scripts than before.
  • Reset: Only “quick reset” now, no more “forced reset”.
  • Better Stat Updates: Now if the HUD can’t contact LULU servers, will retry again later till it connects. Improved error handling. reliability, and less strain on both SL and LULU servers.

This is a Release Candidate, so I’d encourage all intrepid users to give this a go and see whether you can break anything. You don’t have to re-setup anything – just transfer your gear over.

To get this HUD, go to the Update Switch at the Secret Warehouse, and make sure you have the latest cuffs (v2.4.1) OR latest gag (v4.2.0). Update that – and you will be given an option of “HUD only”. Choose that. If your cuffs or gags are not the latest, you will not be given the option – you will simply be given the latest general-release HUD together with the cuffs/gag inside, which you need to setup. You can set that up and then get the RC HUD if you wish.

Do let me know if you find something amiss.

Just wear it, transfer your gear in, and just play actively with all the menus. Do a “/1.quickreset” often to see whether your settings are properly saved. Oh, and log in often in homesteads or laggy sims to see whether the security check is falsely triggered 😉

Have fun,

2 thoughts on “HUD 5.7.0 Release Candidate out now”

  1. Looks good so far. Seems like there might be some debugging code still active, when I log in or attach the HUD I get a blast of green text that looks like HTTP replies from your back end.

    There was a glitch during transfer as well, it said it couldn’t transfer “SigGag”, but not a specific gag… all seems well though, all six gags and cuffs are operational.

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