5.7.0 RC1.6 refresh out now

Additional changes in this 1.6 refresh:

  • Gag not transferred in error: Now fixed. (Thanks Nagi Michinaga and Russell Applemoor for bug reports and tests!)
  • Gag emote bugfix: The gag remove emote will work properly again when using the gag menu (thanks Nagi  Michinaga for reporting and testing this!)
  • Getting Started for Doms: is now web-based.

You can get the HUD if you have the latest cuffs or gags. If you go the Update Switch and present the latest cuffs/gag, you will get an “HUD Only” option. Get the HUD, and just transfer your gear in. No need to re-setup.

The other changes since 5.7.0 RC1 are:

  • White Cuffs: Signature Cuff white leather option will no longer revert to tan on relog.
  • Longer Security Check timeout: Lengthened Security Check timeouts, especially for logins (two minutes, even longer if sim freeze detected due to Mono scripts).
  • 37% lighter: Over a third lighter in scripts than before.
  • Reset: Only “quick reset” now, no more “forced reset”.
  • Better Stat Updates: Now if the HUD can’t contact LULU servers, will retry again later till it connects. Improved error handling. reliability, and less strain on both SL and LULU servers.

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