Gifting a LULU? Surprise! You’re subbie’s new owner!

If you have gifted a LULU Signature gear recently (via the GIFT THIS! button on Secret Warehouse vendors), you might have noticed something.

If the sub has not already got an owner (on LULU servers that is), then her default owner is automatically set to you. This would happen if she’s a first-time LULU Signature gear user. Or she is a current user, but she has not set an owner (or perhaps she has only set herself as owner).

Don’t worry, if this is not your intention, simply say “/1.owner” once her HUD is up and running (give it a minute or two to initialize and talk to LULU servers), and you can reset or change owners.

If that is your intention however, don’t forget to say “/1.” and on the HUD menu, click “take keys” to take the keys to her Signature gear – after she has run set up, of course. And you can start commandeering her gear via “/1c” (or even “/1c1”, “/1c2” etc.) or “/1g” immediately.



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