First Slave tatt – is this your butt?

Thanks to the evil suggestion of LULU Fashionista Arcsylver Ember… I present you…  the First Slave tatt!

All x6, x5 and x4 First Slaves are entitled to an exclusive Lulu First Slave tatt (see screen cap above).  If you are x3, x2, or x1 – don’t worry I’m still working on yours.

You qualify if you:

  • have attained First Slave in at least four, five or six LULU Signature gags, AND
  • are a member of the LULU First Slave Circle group
  • you have the x4, x5, or x6 title in the LULU First Slave Circle group.

If you qualify, IM me to get the tatt. (If you are x1, x2, or x3, please wait till the tatts are ready).



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