HUD 5.7.1 on General Release

HUD 5.7.1 is now final (was HUD 5.7.0RC2.9).

This HUD upgrade is recommended for everyone, especially if you are working on your gag trials.


  • Longer Security Check Timeout: especially for logins. And self-detects sim-freezes due to rezzing of Mono scripts and adjusts accordingly.
  • nearly 40% lighter: Less scripts, more power.
  • Reset: Only one reset now “/1.reset” (“/1.quickreset” does the same thing).
  • New HUD: Detects SL borking your HUD, and sends you a new replacement HUD (of the same version, to be compatible with your gear). Also manual “New HUD…” option on help menu.
  • Protects against data loss: Because of crashes and inventory trouble, your LULU gear settings and stats are safer on LULU servers than in SL – but this doesn’t help if LULU servers never receive your stats and settings. Now the HUD has a few tricks for avoiding SL’s wonderful throttle which silently discards data, self-recovers and retries automatically on failure (whether SL failure, SL throttle, server error or database error), aggregates data before sending to minimize use of SL and server resources (obsoleted data is never sent), built-in data-overflow checks to avoid truncated data and sends in optimized chunks where applicable, and allows servers to send back any corrected malformed data.
  • Improved “Tell Lulu”: Feedback allows you to check your text before sending.
  • Smarter downloads: during initialization and resets, will workaround SL’s habit of silently dropping downloads (no it’s not the http throttle).


  • White Cuffs: white cuffs will no longer revert to tan cuffs on relog.
  • LULU logo button: sometimes would not work. Fixed.
  • Gag: always defaulted back to No-IM after relog.

How to get it.

Have HUD 5.7.0 RC2.0 and above? Just go to the help menu (“/”) and hit “New HUD…”. Just transfer gear over, no re-setup required.

Otherwise, just go to the Update Switch at the Secret Warehouse and update. If your gear is the latest, you will be given the “New HUD” option. Click that, wear the new HUD and transfer your gear over. No setup required.

If your gear is not the latest, you will get new boxed sets of your gear with HUD 5.7.1. You will need to set up your gear again, and activate your arm and thigh cuffs (by wearing the activators).

Thanks to everyone who tried it and reported bugs.



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