RC 2.9 Gag: Chat blocked, IMs not blocked?

A few avies have complained that HUD 5.7.0 RC2.9 shut out local chat when the gag is worn (no chat appearing in window, but no garble appearing either). Also, IMs are unblocked.

This is not a bug.

  • local chat blocked. This is the intended behavior if you wear a Signature Gag in RLV mode. There’s no way to change this, because this is what a gag is supposed to do.
  • no garble text appearing. On your gag menu, choose “garble…” and select “garble tight”. Your garble mode might have been inadvertently set to off, or loose, when garble text will not appear.
  • IMs not blocked. On your gag menu, choose “RLV options…”, and make sure “no-IM” is checked. Otherwise it will allow IMs.

If anyone’s found any bugs or issues with RC2.9, please IM now, as I’m expecting this to go live soon.


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