Congrats to Lori Claremont on getting x6 FIRST SLAVE

Congrats to Lori Claremont, who had been working hard (or been worked hard) at getting the x6 First Slave Circle.

That means she has reached First Slave Circle for all six gags, no mean feat.

She is the third person to attain this, after Feliciana Zabaleta and Alisa Menna.

And what has she got to say about this?

[15:52]  Lori Claremont: At least now I can mumble 🙂
[15:52]  Lori Claremont: Trying to emote without tripping the talk ban was _not_ easy

[15:57]  Lori Claremont: Thanks to some SL glitches I had to repeat Slave and First Slave a couple of times on the Ball Strap…

Drinks all round, please. She deserves it!


PS. For those who don’t know, if you’ve achieved First Slave Circle for any gag, you are eligible to join the LULU First Slave Group. For every additional First Slave Circle attained, you will get a new in-group title, e.g. x2, x3, up to x6 First Slave.

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