Experiencing odd behavior with one cuff?

If you are seeing one (random) cuff that’s either very very small, or HUGE, and you’re using the HUD v5.7.0 RC2.4, or v5.7.0 (with no RC number), then do this:

1) say “/1.help” and hit “new HUD…”. Then hit “Gimme!”

2) You will receive the v5.7.0 RC2.3 HUD which doesn’t have the problem.

3) Wear that, and transfer your cuffs and gear over.

4) Rez the cuffs. Now, one cuff might still be looking odd. Just re-size and reposition that normally.

5) Detach the cuffs and rez again – they should now be more normal (like when they’re fresh out of the box).

6) If the rest of the cuffs need minor adjustments to fit your avie, do so now. Just position and re-size. Detach and wear again to see that the settings stick, and you don’t get any HUGE or small cuffs again.

If this doesn’t work, you can IM me.

Thanks, Lori Claremont, for detecting and reporting this issue.



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