Living with SL problems… (Part 1)

2008 hasn’t been a good year for the Grid. Asset server issues. Memory leak problems. Inventory losses.

The LULU Signature system was upgraded over several months and fitted with various stability features to address these problems:

  • Smart Save. The HUD detects when important stats have changed and notifies you to “save” your settings (immunizing you from losing important settings to a crash).
  • Improved robustness to stack-heap errors due to SL memory leakage.
  • Smart Reset (which selectively resets affected scripts and recovers lost settings)
  • Auto Smart Reset which can now pre-emptively detect dead scripts before you notice they’re dead, and automatically revives them and recovers their lost settings.
  • Online searchable helpbase with over 100 articles to help troubleshoot issues. Integrated with HUD help.
  • Easi-Setup detects certain types of sim lag, and even takes into account asset server lag.
  • Auto-detects if SL had borked the setup process (i.e. toys won’t rez properly) and restarts the setup process automatically.

These have helped a great deal. But Grid performance is still patchy.

Going forward… I realize we can do better.

So, say hello to the upcoming LULU Signature HUD v.5.

Expect heavy-duty Stabilizers built in to counter and overcome the volleys that SL throws at heavily-scripted toys.

So that you can have more fun playing than working around memory leaks, asset server trouble, crashes, chat lag and whatever.

These will not go away, mind – but hopefully… it’ll be a smoother ride.

Stay tuned.