LULU Stabilizers: Smart Reset 2.0 (Living with SL… cont’d)

(Continuing with the preview of new LULU Stabilizers that help smoothen an otherwise bumby SL ride)

100% Hack-proof. A key design feature of LULU Signature gear.

So you know that your sub can neither hack them, nor accidentally break them by fooling around. Trust is one thing, but even in Real Life roleplay, would you use cuffs or gags that are easily tampered with? Didn’t think so. No fun for either side.

Why am I confident LULU Signature gear is hack-proof? Well, because they are NO-MODIFY, that’s why. Sub can’t take them apart, delete scripts, drop other scripts in etc.

Okay, what’s this gotta do with Stabilisers? Well, no matter how you try to optimize scripts, sometimes they die (script run-time errors) for no good reason. When they do, you need to reset the scripts.

With MODIFY attachments, this means you need to drop them on the ground, go to the SL menu and hit “Reset all scripts…” and wait for them to reset in turn. When done, you re-wear the attachment. This takes minutes, and most times, settings are lost.

With NO-MODIFY attachments, you can’t do all that by yourself. But the LULU Signature HUD has Smart Reset built in, to selectively reset only those scripts that have died. Smart Reset could also recover the most important settings lost to reset.

Smart Reset 2.0

Now, with HUD v.5, Smart Reset 2.0 goes further (and does it with even less code) than the original Smart Reset:

  • super-fast self-check (used to take up to half a minute or a minute for a full check).
  • super-fast restore (used to be up to half a minute or more).
  • faster, more reliable detection of script-errors, as they occur.
  • overcomes a weird SL-bork that occasionally stalls restore in Smart Reset 1.0.
  • now all settings are restored with reset, not just the most imortant ones.
  • now you can “force reset” to reset everything, for those times when SL corrupts the scripts but they’re not exactly dead. In the past, you had to get a fresh HUD – now there’s another option. Yes, all settings are still preserved after a “force reset”.

Better than SL’s “Reset all scripts…”

Why is Smart Reset 2.0 even better than the SL built-in “Reset all Scripts…”?

  • It detects the error as and when they occur. If SL isn’t co-operative, it’ll detect the error soon after. It’ll alert you to the problem, and start the self-fix immediately.
  • It automatically resets only the dead scripts, in seconds. Just detach the HUD and re-wear. That’s it. No need to drop on the ground (risk of loss inventory!), rightclick item, select Edit, choose the SL menu item, and wait a minute or two for SL to reset all the scripts, then rewear.
  • All settings are preserved – no need to re-enter things, etc. In SL’s default case, all settings are lost.
  • If you wish to force it to reset all scripts, you can. All settings will still be restored.

Smart Reset 2.0. Coming soon… in LULU Signature HUD v5.0.

Stay tuned for more peek previews of upcoming LULU Stabilisers.


* obviously subs can be male or female or in between. I use the feminine here for convenience as there are more female subs around. Those who are bothered by this, please mentally substitute all feminine pronouns with male-female-hermaphrodite variants. 😛

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  1. Awesome, finally another way to combat the evil ways of SL and to have fun still, instead of doing resets and repairs. Awesome Job Lulu! ?

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