LULU Stabilizers: Auto-save (Living with SL… cont’d)

(Continuing with the preview of new LULU Stabilizers that help smoothen an otherwise bumby SL ride)

There is a major SL problem that plagues all attachments.

If you crash, or are disconnected (either of which seem to occur just when you think it’s safe again!)… you might lose all your current settings. If you were locked, you might find yourself unlocked. Your color or position settings all gone. Owner settings gone. And so on.

Why? The current state of your attachment (whether scripts state or prim settings) simply does not get saved when you crash. So, when you log back in, your attachment is at a previous state (the last time it was “saved” to the SL asset server, to be exact). So, logging back in, you experience a “roll-back” – your attachment stats belong to an earlier time. Doesn’t matter if the attachment saves data on the prim (e.g. prim description). The prim itself is simply rolled back to an earlier time, before that data was saved.

This has been brought up to the Lindens before, and their happy reply is to always detach your attachment to save all changes.

Hence, the little red dot on the LULU Signature HUD that tells you what changes you have made (e.g. “owner changes”), and reminds you to save your data. But this is quite a silly idea if you’re supposed to be locked in the first place. Detaching stuff and re-attaching them each time something happens. Really elegant.

With the upcoming HUD v.5, we do better.


Yes. No more detaching. Crash all you want. Disconnect all you want. Log back in, and your settings (and believe me, there’re many stats in there) will be the same as before.

Well, 99% of settings anyway. You won’t lose your Gag Circles (hooray all gag aficionados!) – but, if you were in the middle of a trial, your trial time would still be rolled back.

Why?  Well two reasons. First, I’d have to rewrite the trial scripts. Second, and more importantly, we don’t want to give an unfair advantage to people doing the trials now – after all, all those people on the Gag Scoreboard had to go through all the nice little random crashes and roll-backs to get up there (at a time when there were way more crashes, I might add). It’d cheapen their achievements if we made it too easy!

That said, all other settings and stats should be safe from roll-backs.

Stay tuned for more LULU Stabilizers in the upcoming HUD v.5. Making your SL life a little smoother.


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