LULU Stabilizers: Easi-Setup 2.0 (Living with SL… cont’d)

(Continuing the preview of new LULU Stabilizers that help smoothen an otherwise bumby SL ride)

LULU Signature gear is among the most complex and secure in SL, and as such, it requires setup.

Unfortunately, SL doesn’t like complex stuff that try to push the boundaries. So sometimes, SL borks the setup process for no good reason. The menu disappears. Or the cuffs/gag would not rez properly on command. So we need to re-setup. The whole thing. Eight pieces if you’ve got one full set of cuffs. Plus the key.

Easi-setup 2.0

Easi-setup 2.0 to the rescue!

I’ve finally figured out how to detect when SL borks certain internal states – so we can fix things on the spot rather than requiring a full-resetup after the fact.

Here goes the major features:

  • Speed. Much faster setup – you’ll breeze through each step faster than ever.
  • Live-check. Detects when SL borks things, and repeats the last step (instead of requiring a complete re-setup of everything after the fact).
  • Anti-stall. Lost a menu? No problem. Clicking the Setup Ball will either advance the step or repeat the last step, depending on where you are.
  • Single re-setup. If SL borks a single cuff after setup, you just need to re-setup that one cuff. Not everything again.
  • Key, once. You only need to setup a key for each toy once for that particular HUD. Future re-setups for that HUD will omit the key step. (cuffs only atm). You’ll only need to give the key once to your owner too, no matter how many times you re-setup.
  • Auto stats. Important HUD settings (e.g. owner list, gender, spacial, command channel, gag Circle!) are automatically in the new HUD when you first wear it. No transfer required.If you are going to HUD v.5 from v.4, cuff and gag positions, colors, etc. will not be auto-transferred (you’ll need to manually “transfer…” as in the past, or just re-adjust the new gear). But when you wear your subsequent v.5 HUD (say, in the next update) – all stats will be automatically in your HUD without requiring you to do a transfer.
  • Cuff plugins setups are now two-steps instead of three.

With Easi-Setup 2.0, you can get down to playing a lot faster. I’m already working towards Easi-Setup 3.0, but that’s another story.

Easi-Setup 2.0 will be in the upcoming HUD v.5.

Stay tuned.

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