v4.13.04 HUD RC is out, with some quick-fixes

(Semi-long post with a mini-rant against Open Space sims. If you need to skip, skip to the part about What do do. There’s a good tip there.)

SL has changed things over the past (few) weeks – sim performance has generally deteriorated by about 30% ceterus paribus, and there seems to be a lot more script run-time errors and missing script errors too.

This week, Mono is being rolled out, and I’m sure there’ll be more fun things.

But meantime, I’m putting out v4.13.04 HUD with small but critical fixes:

  • Your LULU Signature Cuffs dropping off you with that “laggy sim” message?If you’re on Open Space sims (aka low-prim sims), you’d realize by now that they have reduced script performance (see the notes in About Land). What you might not know is how bad their performance really is. Even though my lag mater might state 75 – 100, the actual experienced performance is a lot lower, due to the fact that my meter doesn’t measure chat lag. And chat lag is really bad on these sims.

    Basically v4.13.04 will help 95-98% of the time now – it should respond a lot better in Open Space sims. The remaining 2-5% is due to those sims being sooo slow that they actually drop some of the chat that they can’t process. Dropped = lost forever. Means problems detecting HUD sometimes, especially when you rez all 8 cuffs (= lots of chat traffic). But with the next cuff updates, you can rez cuffs individually, so if you rez just the wrists for example, you’re all set (not that much traffic).

  • Script-errors. I’ve also pared down the one script that had the most stack-heap errors. That should help a lot.

What to do:

Just go to the Secret Warehouse, hit the Update Switch. Do the usual, and you will be given an option to get the “HUD only” or a “new box”. New box means a fresh Boxed Set; means setup; re-activate; transfer. Not fun.

Try “HUD only”. Just wear, and start transferring all your gear over from the old HUD. No re-setup. That’s it!

If SL breaks your HUD again, just hit “HUD only” again and avoid re-setup!