Good news? Did LL finally get it right?

Received an offline message from Fashionista Frank Skosh (aka Xia-Xue Sommer):
[20:45]  Xia-Xue Sommer (frank.skosh):  avatar compression ROCKS for the cuffs, TPs are bout 50x faster even with them on

[20:47]  Xia-Xue Sommer (frank.skosh): avatar compression rocks!!!

[20:47]  Xia-Xue Sommer (frank.skosh): for once, LL did something very very right!
And apparently so!
Yesterday, TP compression was deployed grid-wide. And Frank was one of the first to put the new TPs to the test, and she managed to TP with full set of cuffs on and other scripts as well, all the time. Even to/from heavy-lag sims and homesteads.

So, it would seem that…

Now you can TP all the time, to anywhere, wearing your LULU gear.
And other heavily-scripted attachments.

A good start to 2011, wouldn’t you say?


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