Cuffs attached wonky? Try Cuffs v2.4.2

What’s new:

  • Fixes an old SL rotation bug in slow/laggy sims, where one or two cuffs (different ones each time) might attach with wrong rotation (a simple re-rez fixes it). Now, it will rez perfectly the first time.
  • Fixes the double message on lock.
  • Will no longer allow two LULU Cuffs to be worn on one attachment point (a side-effect of the new SL multiple-attachment-per-point feature).

Have fun!


To get yours:

  • Go to the Secret Warehouse and hit the Update Switch. Full instructions here.
  • If asked, choose “HUD+cuffs”. (You need the new cuffs for this to work!)
  • Full set-up is required (plus use your arm/thigh Activators to get your arms/thighs), as this is a new cuff version.


  • Kitty Mystiere and Arcsylver Ember for stress-testing the cuffs on various sims.
  • Aida Rieko for reporting the rotation issue. Many have reported as well over the years, and it is a difficult SL bug to both pinpoint and work around. But Aida was the last one.

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