Tip of the Week #10: Don’t be too quick to re-wear

This week’s tip is courtesy of the ever-patient Feliciana Zabaleta, who has helped many a poor soul through these troubled times in SL:

Being a long time Lulu product user and also supporting it, I tend to get a bit over confident when I transfer settings to a new HUD or do a reset. Tonight just taught me a lesson not to be.

Having received my new 4.13.05 HUD, I figured, no problem attach, wear and go as I normally do, with 6 gags and both sets of cuffs I don’t give it much thought these days.

Well bad idea. after tha transfer, I wore my new and improved HUD only to discover I saved too soon and it did not properly update, yes, you guessed it my fellow submissives, I had to re do the whole thing over again, grumbling under my gag.

Here is the tip to prevent my mishap:

1. Click ctrl-shift 1

2.  See at the bottom Pending Uploads – When you made some changes to your HUD/attachment… and you detach…that Pending Upload will go to 1.

3.  Only re-wear AFTER it goes back down to 0. (When you re-wear before the data is completely sent, the asset server sends you the old, outdated object). That’s why the red circle instructions are always to wait half a minute or so. 

NOTE: Sometimes you wait a bit and the 0 never changes… then it’s ok. Probably meant the update went through real fast.

So save yourself from my my blunder and follow this tip and come out of Lulu’s smiling in your new gag and cuffs and don’t forget the Lulu Fashionista’s are always on duty to help you out in times of distress.

Happy Playtime To All 🙂


Feliciana Zabaleta,

Lulu Fashionista