v.5 HUD and v.2 Cuffs Release Candidate out

Loads of goodies:

  • Faster/Easier setups. More stable. Recovers from Mono errors. More help.
  • Rez cuffs individually or in pairs.
  • Choose which cuffs you want to wear.
  • New anims. New menus.
  • New chaining system. More chaining options.
  • New RLV features.
  • More…

Full details here.

Get it at the Release Candidate box, right where you enter. Don’t get it at the Update Switch – which is meant for General Releases.

Might not be too smart to release a full Mono-compiled system ahead of SL’s sim server updates… but it’s been a long time coming.

Besides, Smart Reset 2.0 is able to recover from the tons of Mono errors that SL had slung at it, so far.

That said…

There’s a chance that once you wear the HUD, you will get some Mono script-errors. Just cancel the setup, and follow Smart Reset 2.0 instructions. Then click the HUD LULU logo to start setup again.

Lastly, remember to report bugs, typos and anything else that shouldn’t be there, or should be there, but isn’t.


Lulu Ludovico