HUD v5.00.02 RC Refresh

This fixes the nasty “Fatal SL Asset Server Error:0” issue, which eventually happens after you do a force reset with the v.5.00.00. This issue didn’t surface in pre-RC testing, but a wider group of people using the HUD during RC stage flushed it out. Thanks to Lanita Wingtips and Lyoness Rossini for the bug reports.

You don’t have to setup all over again If you’re upgrading from the v5.00.00 AND you haven’t had the SL Asset Server Error yet. Just choose “transfer” from the welcome menu instead of “SETUP”.

If you’ve had the Fatal SL Asset Server error, then sorry you need to setup all over again 😛 – don’t transfer from the broken v.5 HUD.

Get the latest HUD from the RC boxes.

Lulu Ludovico