HUD v5.00.07 RC + Cuffs v2.00.02 (+New ZHAO)

The new v5.00.07 RC Refresh is out, with a new ZHAO v1.03 (fixes a ZHAO bug that might bork cuff anims).

New feature: even in “refresh off” mode (for when SL borks your refresh anims and you end up twitching badly), your arms should now remain bound in the majority of situations. Yes, even without refresh, your bonds will now stick 😉  Mostly. Of course, best results are still with the “refresh on” mode, which is still the default.

Whole slew of bugfixes (and workarounds), including the permission and missing animation errors. Details here.

If I don’t get any major bug reports, this should be the final version slated for general release soon.

Recommended: ZHAO v1.03 that has a bugfix. Now it comes pre-fitted with a priority-3 “sexy walk” but feel free to customize to your needs. It’s pretty easy. Remember, the free ZHAO (Lulu Mod) v1.03 is the easiest way to seamlessly integrate walk anims with the cuff walks and poses.

Setup required. Because all cuffs have been updated with new scripts, you need to choose “setup” instead of “transfer” from the welcome menu.



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