HUD v5.00.08 Refresh and Silent Release

Fixes a couple of v5.00.07 issues:
1) You don’t have thigh plugins, you’d get a can’t rez object error message (though everything rezzes fine) when you say “/1c”
2) IF you have leather cuffs, some walk anims are missing.

IF you have v5.00.07 already:

  • you don’t need to setup. Just wear the .08 HUD, choose “transfer” instead of “setup” and transfer gear from your .07.
  • EXTRA STEP for those with leather cuffs (and who have transferred from v5.00.07): After transfer, say “/1.” and hit “re-setup” and re-setup your {ankle:left}. That’s it.

IF you do not have v5.00.07 already (i.e. lower v5.00.x or v4.x.x versions):

  • you need to set up again because the cuffs are new.

With this scoped bugfixes, the v5.00.08 HUD and v2.00.02 cuffs are going on silent release. If you get a new cuff / HUD from the Update Switch, you’ll be getting this instead of the old v4.x HUD and v1. cuffs. All new purchases will also be the updated set.