If your leather Arm:Right cuff doesn’t re-size properly

If your LEATHER Arm:Right doesn’t re-size properly (v5.0.9 HUD), SL has eaten some important scripts.

I’ve fitted the Update Switch with a new set (same version #). So just get a fresh set at the Update Switch. It’ll give you a box with the HUD (I kept the same version number – v5.0.9 as this wasn’t a major issue).

1. Detach old 5.0.9 HUD.
2. Wear new 5.0.9 HUD
3. At welcome screen, don’t setup. Press “transfer” instead.
4. Rez old 5.0.9 HUD to transfer gear over.
5. After transfer, hit “LULU Logo” and on menu, click “re-setup” and choose {arm:right}.
That’s it.

Thanks Yanik Lytton/Katsumi Mikoyan for the picture and bug report!