Welcome to the LULU First Slave Circle GROUP

It’s been a long journey of silence*, but you made it. Welcome to the First Slave Circle… it’s a small group.

A place to say ‘hi’ to fellow subbies, chat, ask questions, share ideas, help someone, and make friends.

Unlike the main Designer group, everyone is encouraged to say hi and chat here.

If you’re eligible to join, IM these Fashionistas for an invite.

Before you IM though, make sure your Gag HUD is at least v4.13 (if not v.5). If not, go to the Secret Warehouse and get updated. Setup the new gag, transfer settings from old gag, then IM. Otherwise they won’t be able to verify your Circle.

Your title will depend on how many “First Slaves” circles you have:

  • if you have one gag and are “First Slave”, your title is “LULU First Slave”
  • if you have a few gags and are “First Slave” at 2 or 3 gags, your title is “LULU First Slave x2”
  • … if you are “First Slave” at 4 or 5 gags, your title is “LULU First Slave x4”
  • the highest at this point is “LULU First Slave x6”, for the most patient of them all!
If you’re on the Top Twenty Gag Scoreboard, you’ll automatically get an invite over the next one or two days. If you don’t, please IM me 🙂

* For those who don’t know, the LULU Signature v.3 Gag comes with Trials of Silence, which lead to different levels called Circles. It’s not easy. Now, if you’re at the First Slave Circle, you can join LULU First Slave Circle group.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to the LULU First Slave Circle GROUP”

  1. Speaking of the scoreboard… I know it’s been a while since I’ve been in the warehouse, but I can’t seem to FIND the scoreboard for some reason. Where did you hide it, Lulu? Heehee

  2. I love the cuffs, but I’ll not spend the L$ for yet another gag when it has hidden features which can only be accessed through “leveling-up” as if this were a Mario Brothers adventure. If I pay the L$ I want the features, and I have several very good gags which give just that – full value for my L$. It’s a shame that this is so biased in favor of people with a lot of time on their hands.

  3. @Raina, it’s hidden at the base of the giant gag poster at the end of the room on your right (on your right from the entrance, that is). 😉

    @Nemesis, sorry you feel that way. Not sure you know that the Trials allow you to be offline mid-trial. You don’t have to do the entire Trial at one go.

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