Congrats Katt Darkstone, First Slave x 6

Congrats to Katt Darkstone, the latest to attain the LULU First Slave x 6 title!

Late in Dec, whilst her Mistress of three years MstrsLovinLatex Loxley was taking a sabbatical from SL, she began working her way through the LULU Circles for her LULU Signature Gags  and just finished the last Circle for her sixth gag. She has not stopped dancing for joy yet!

Katt Karkstone owns and manages Subspace, a store for girls (but all are welcome!)

Katt is one of only four others who’ve managed the x6 feat – Feliciana Zabaleta, Lori Claremont, Alisa Menna and Arcsylver Ember.

Welcome to x6, Katt!

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