Impending changes to the Gag Trials

The next gag update will see something I’ve always wanted to have but haven’t found the time to implement – a no-AFK prompt system.The idea of the Trials of Silence is that the sub needs to savor the experience, and not… sleep on it, if you know what I mean.

Enter the new No-AFK system, which will randomly prompt the sub, and the sub needs to respond within 5 minutes (hey, gotta give allowance for pee breaks!). Failure to give the correct response will result in end of the Trial (equivalent to speaking). The sub’s owner, at his/her discretion, can make the timings more restrictive, but not more lax.

Now, for the purpose of the Top-20 Scoreboard, we need to have the same game rules, since the rules have changed. So, the current thinking is this: I will freeze the current Top-20 Scoreboard and move it somewhere and maybe call it the Old-School Scoreboard (I will definitely take a snapshot and immortalize it on the blog for posterity, so all achievements are not forgotten).

In its place will be the new Top-20 Scoreboard, based on the new No-AFK rules. Only the new gags can contribute to it. All existing First Slaves (whether or not currently on the Scoreboard) will have their times shaved to the minimum required 24 hours (there is no change to Circle level, only the best time). So initially, the new board will be populated by a whole bunch of “random” First Slaves with 24 hours. Eventually, they will be replaced by the bold ones who achieve new levels with the new rules. Existing First Slaves can go for longer times by starting and completing new trials (they will not level, but will reach a new highscore).

As this affects every gagette (and their owners), I’d love to hear your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Impending changes to the Gag Trials”

  1. What will happen to the trial if the prompt is missed? Does it fail? does it set off the alarm? Does it have to be started over from scratch? Or can the sub pick up the trial at the failed prompt, and continue on? In the past I have -not- been fond of toys that prompt from AFK with ‘dire’ responses for failure. Ending the trial is a dire response in my opinion, as many will find it next to impossible to find the motivation to get past the first trial, much less to first slave to achieve full funcionality of their gag.

    This is just my opinion…. but perhaps letting the owner choose whether the failure of a prompt (which is risky due to the way SL flakes out…. ever had a prompt freeze on you? I have) will end the trial, or simply pauses it untill the sub presses a button that returns them from ‘afk’

  2. I like the idea as it makes attaining the top rank much more of a goal instead of just sleeping your way through it. Most of us that are high level First Slaves endured the early harsh conditions of Second Life crashes and rollbacks and would have no issues with your new system. Just like in the real world some goal are harder than others to reach. I look forward to your new updates and challenges.

  3. Several of you have spoken to me in IMs and I hear you.

    I’ll try my best to accommodate both the casual subbie as well as the lifestyle ones. I’ve some ideas which I think will please both.

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