Happy 2009!

So 2008 has come and gone. A bit too fast. Sadly, I will remember 2008 in SL as one of the worst in terms of Grid performance – lots of bugs, TP problems, etc. I’ve had to spend most of my time working around SL problems. Can drive a girl nuts!

Thank you for your love and support. Whether you’ve helped someone in group, or you’ve whispered some kind words to me, or you’ve spent time helping me fix stuff or build stuff, or you’ve supported my work in some way, I thank you. I thank the Fashionistas who’ve worked hard to help people in-group and personally. I thank the Building Crew who’re helping me to build City Noir. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Hello 2009. May SL be a better place. May we be able to TP.

But most of all, my dear reader, may you find more meaning, and more happiness, in 2009. Be that your family, your friends, or whatever makes you tick.

*Raises glass*

Lulu Ludovico

One thought on “Happy 2009!”

  1. Lulu –
    Its Been a pleasure helping you and others throughout the year and I look forward to even a better year ahead of us. May other stop to realize the many long hours of work you put in to create, the hours we spend testing it to produce a product people will have great enjoyment with. 2008 has been taxing but 2009 has to get better (Looks around with a raised eyebrow)- Happy 2009 to all!

    Feliciana ?

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