Tip of the Week #11: Updating Your Gear

Most of you already know that you can update your gear at the Warehouse’ Update Switch.

Here are some additional hints:

1. When asked to wear a cuff/gag, you can already be wearing one and it will verify when you press “ok”.

2. Or if you can rez one – you can even wear a “used” cuff or gag from your inventory. Even if it detaches, it will still verify.

Now that you are verified, you will most probably be presented with 2 options. This can be tricky.

1. Choose “HUD + cuffs/gag” to get a complete set with new cuffs/gag. If your existing cuff/gag is outdated, you need to choose this to get new gear.

2. Choose “HUD only” to get a blank HUD. Choose this when your cuffs/gag is already the latest, but SL has borked your HUD. In effect you’re just swapping HUDs. You can also choose this when there are updates to your HUD, but your cuff/gag versions remain the same.

More details here.

Oh, btw, if you’re updating from v.1 cuffs (and v.4 HUD), the Update Switch will no longer give you the option – it will simply toss you a fresh HUD + cuffs.