Signature Cuffs v2.1.1: important changes!

v2.1.1 is out and brings with it major improvements. Among them:

Animation jitter: have you got animation jitter with “refresh on”? Now you can leave “refresh on” without the jitter. So your anim stays cuffed without your AO or other anims (e.g. dance) taking over.

No-rez sims: can’t rez in no-rez sims? No problem. Now you can just re-wear your “used” cuffs straight from inventory – they won’t drop off anymore.

[Edit: the first time you wear the used cuffs from inventory, it will tell you that it “can’t be worn directly from your inventory”. Other than that it stays on and works. The next time you wear the same cuff from inventory it will no longer spam you. Known issue, fixed in next update.]

RLV users: “/1.rlv” calls up an RLV menu for shared folders, forcesit. You can set up the LULU cuffs in Shared Folders.

No-afk: If Doms want their subs to fully savor certain experiences (e.g. while being punished), they can use this. Customizable timers.

New options: Turn off the alarm and emotes (during rez and poses).

Complete new features and bugfixes here.

To update, you need to choose “HUD+Cuffs” to get the new v2.1.1 cuffs. You need to run set-up on the 2.1.1 cuffs, and you need to activate any plugins you have after that. (Remember, only choose “HUD only” if you’re swapping out your HUD if SL has borked your current HUD.)

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