Congrats Omi Navarita, First Slave x 6





Please join me to welcome our latest First Slave x 6, Omi Navarita:

Started my journey back in December. There were a lot of ups and downs. Was a new pet also.
Had only been owned a week or so by Master Idris Georgia when i started my trials.  Did not start out with intent to work through all 6.  Master loves His pets gagged.
The best feeling in the world was to finish a gag and see Master smile. While it was tough at times the journey was a good lesson any pet needs to take.
ps i am still crying happy smiling!!”

Omi joins a small select group who have completed the epic journeyFeliciana Zabaleta, Lori Claremont, Alisa Menna, Arcsylver Ember, Katt Darkstone and Kristen Jurado.

Well done, Omi!

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