LULU Signature Gag v.4.0 Release Candidate is out!


The Signature Gag v.4 Release Candidate is out.

Key features are:

  • no-AFK for Trials, shorter time requirements. The v.4 Scoreboard can only be updated by v.4 gags. Trial time requirements for all Circles except First Slave is reduced, in view of the new no-AFK requirements. No-AFK time pentalties are random, but will generally increase with each successive infringement on the same Trial.
  • Zap 2.0 New zap features (for Adept Circle and above).
  • key: sub’s owner can use original key even with new setups/re-setups.
  • new anims.
  • new shortcuts. “/1g–” removes gag. “/1g” calls up menu if gag is already worn.
  • used gags can be worn from inventory. Great for no-rez sims. (You can re-wear them from the bottom of the inventory, but it’s better to copy one used gag from the bottom to somewhere safe, and wear from there).
  • Easi-setup 2.1 is faster, more anti-borks built in.
  • new RLV Gag options. No-IM now optional. IM exception now up to 6.
  • – various bugfixes, big and small.
  • – improved menus, contextual help etc.

Setup changes: paste into “!  LULU sigGag v.4 Boxed Set” folder. Recent SL bugs have made it necessary for workarounds (see here and here). In HUD v5.4.0, the workarounds are built into the setup process. This makes the process a bit more of a hassle than it was. Unfortunately the Linden assigned to fix it is going on vacation and won’t likely fix it anytime soon. Welcome to SL. 😛   To put some semblance of pressure on the guy when he returns, please go the SL JIRA and vote (you need to login first) and don’t forget to put it on Watch (otherwise they’ll assume it’s just “fake” voting).

v.4 Scoreboard: The new v.4 Scoreboard is out. It’s quite empty, so anytime you finish a Trial now, you could get your name there!

Whilst Release Candidates are voluntary, there are *huge* stability improvements over the older v4.13 HUD. I’d encourage you to get a copy and give it a spin.  Remember to report any bugs/typos.

Where to get: To get the Release Candidates, go to the Secret Warehouse: right at the doorway are the “Beta” boxes. Click those and follow instructions.


Many thanks to Elkestra Twilight for taking the time to beta-test the v.4 gag, and for finding the bugs!