sigGag HUD v5.4.1 Release Candidate refresh

I’ve just refreshed the Beta box (the white box just inside the door of the Secret Warehouse) with HUD v5.4.1 Release Candidate.

What’s new:

  • some bugfixes. Yes you should get it if you already have the HUD v5.4.0 (you don’t have to re-setup if you don’t want to, you can click “transfer” at the setup screen to transfer your v.4.0.0 gag over – but only if it’s a v4.0.0 gag)
  • better setup:
    – now the default LULU folder is at the bottom of the inventory rather than the top
    – it asks you to use “ctrl-c” and “ctr-v” which is slightly faster than rightclicking.

Where to get: Get the HUD v5.4.1 + v4.0.0 Release Candidate at the white beta box just inside the Warehouse when you enter.



Thanks  Elkestra Twilight for testing and breaking the HUD + gag, and to Kitty Heninga for the bug report.