The LULU uHUD (Utility HUD) is designed to allow you to mod your own (or your sub’s) HUD to play the way you want to.

You can add edit scripts (HUD.utility.rlv.1 and HUD.utility.plugin.lsl) or add your own. You can add buttons to the  uHUD menu.

Let the main controller script take over boring multi-page navigation and dialog functions so you can focus on the fun bits.

You can also access some of the sub’s stats and use them in your scripts.

Find out more about Global Settings and Stats.

Find out more about Built-in Functions.

Lulu’s Forward

My general philosophy is that bondage gear should only use relevant RLV features. e.g. no-IM for gags, but not no-TP. Which is why you won’t find all sorts of general RLV functions in the collar that have nothing to do with a collar anyway.

However, I appreciate that many people like the convenience of having general RLV features in one place. As RLV is free-to-use anyway, I thought it’d be nice to offer this free to the community, in a way that encourages people to edit and add stuff to their hearts’ content. This also helps ensure RLV-content stays current as RLV itself is evolving, and tbh I’d rather spend my limited time dreaming up some devious idea rather than trying to keep up with non-core (and frankly, rather common) features that can be found elsewhere.

On the non-RLV side, there’s fantastic potential to take advantage of the sub’s LULU settings. e.g. furniture can know the sub’s gender for emotes, sub’s RLV-status without pinging, owner list, etc. for permissions or emotes.

Expect more API functions soon. If you have some wicked ideas, for your creation, IM me.

What you can do

To make it easier for everyone, some of the heavy-lifting has already been done for you (e.g. multi-page menus). I’ve deliberately kept the code relatively simple. You can choose what to use, and what edit stuff, add scripts, delete portions you don’t like, whatever. You can sell your scripts, package custom scripts with your creation, use them yourself privately, or just share them with friends. Just credit those who’ve contributed to this community project.

If you wish to share your efforts with the community, you’re more than welcome to submit them to me for inclusion in the next iteration.

How to submit your work

First off, IM me to “book” the project, as others might already be on it. If you edit the existing scripts, put your scripts in between your name like so:

       (your code here)

Don’t amend any existing lines – delete them and insert your amended copy instead (with the above START and END tags). So,

    // (original, deleted code here)
       (your new amended code here)

After you’ve tested and retested your script, you can send it over (in full-perms script, or notecard format). And I’ll get back to you.

That’s it! Good luck!


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