LULU Collar Sneak Peek: Utility HUD

In the previous Sneak Peek, I lamented that most SL collars today have become little more than convenient utility devices.

How would I propose to redress the lapse? For starters, I’ve shifted many of the utility functions traditionally provided by a collar to a LULU Utility HUD, an optional moddable HUD worn together with the current Signature HUD.

This HUD menu will be easily accessible by the Dom by chat command (“/1..”). It occupies very very little screen real estate on the sub’s screen (click the pic to see). It provides quick, easy access to your favorite custom anims (you add them! Or use the free ones provided), custom landmarks (for quick-TPs), your fav cages or crosses (and other naughty objects, just add them), and various general RLV functions. It comes with an optional ZHAO AO (you can turn it off), which will automatically sync with Cuff anims to avoid conflicts.

It’s Free.

This HUD will first be made available together with the LULU Signature Collar, but is not meant to be part of it (a collar is not a utility device!). As such, eventually the Utility HUD will be be distributed free with the Signature Cuffs and Gags as well. It should be worn together with the regular Signature HUD, which is no-mod.

Add your own scripts or toys

Are you a scripter? Or a bondage equipment maker?

There are APIs that allow you to tap into the system. You can add buttons to the RLV and plugin menus (these two scripts are open-source and customizable), adding your own functions and features. You can find out from the HUD, the sub’s gender, whether she’s using RLV, her owner’s names and avie keys, her chat emote spacial preferences, and so on. So you can build your own emotes for your toys. More APIs will be added in future.

Share or sell your scripts and toys

You can share or sell your scripts or toys without having to go through me. But if you want to be part of the project and contribute to the community, IM me for inclusion in the next update.

All this customization takes place within the “sandbox” of the moddable Utility HUD, and does not compromise the no-mod  security of the LULU Signature HUD and Signature gear.

So. What’s the big deal, you might ask? I’m just taking away the collar’s “utility” features and putting them in an HUD that is given free with every Signature gear.

Yes. But this simple act makes it possible… for the collar… to once again… be nothing but a collar.

(More Sneak Peeks soon.)  Next Sneak Peek here.


4 thoughts on “LULU Collar Sneak Peek: Utility HUD”

  1. IT is probably too late but what I love about my current collar and really the only reason I keep it is because it can change between a simple collar to a high posture collar. I love the ability to change styles without constantly changing collars.

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