Server Upgrade

Edit: The servers are now upgraded, and there shouldn’t be any more issues.

If you click your Pet Tag, look at the Public Register or Ownership Deed, or surf to the Collar / Cuff / Gag page, you might get a “Host Server Not Found” or some such message. This only affects addresses starting with “

Basically I’m upgrading the servers to serve their pages faster. Unfortunately something went wrong and they sort of fell through the cracks and went offline for some people.

This is temporary, and I’m still working with the server techs to get this fixed.

Meantime, just add “www.” in front of the “…” address and it’ll work.

Say you click the Ownership Deed and it points to:…

and that fails. Just add “www.” in front, becoming:…

Just a temporary pain till we find it again.


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