Beta Collar Refresh

UPDATE: I’ve updated the Beta to address some transfer and Collar re-setup issues. 

Just refreshed the Signature Collar beta.

Mainly, fixed some minor leashing/unleashing issues, works a bit smoother. Thanks, Omi Navarita for the bug reports.

If you’re upgrading from the previous beta, you can just:

  1. click the HUD LULU Logo > HELP… > New HUD… 
  2. wear the HUD and “transfer” as the Collar version is still v1.1.40.

If you’re upgrading from the official release, you’ll need to set up your Collar. You’ll also get these fixes from the previous beta:

  • can’t leash to anything, missing padded leather (caused by “discreet mode”)
  • gag RLV options  “24-character” limit bug.

How to get your BETA:
Just go to the Update Switch, and get your collar – you will be offered a beta version (if available).

More about BETAs here.


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