HUD7 Closed Beta is on

HUD7-beta2Good news! The HUD7 (Cuffs only) is out now in closed beta (invite-only). The closed beta group should have received the HUD in the group notice (you may need to look at your notification history).

I’d wanted to release this earlier, but final tests showed up some issues that needed attention. And then I decided to bite the bullet and adopted a new data structure, which took time. And SL was hardly co-operative, throwing up some weird errors here and there.

Anyway, instead of trying to fix all the bugs I’m aware of, I decided to release this earlier, ahead of the holidays. Besides, this will give everyone a chance to get listed on the upcoming Bug-Catcher Leaderboard!

If all goes well, I’ll open up the beta to everyone before Christmas. But no promises.

Right now, I need a mini-break!

♥ Lulu


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