HUD7 Open Beta: Are you ready?

HUD7-beta2Hi everyone,

More good news for those who’ll be spending the holidays in Second Life.

The HUD7 Beta will be going public really soon, so you can take it for a spin.

Here’s how you can prepare yourself:

There will be a Bug-Catcher Leaderboard – just send in a bug report and so long as it’s a new discovery, you’re listed! And you sleep happy that you played a part in making your LULU Gear better.

You will need your LULU password to participate.

It’s the same username (your SL name) and password (not your SL password!) that you use to log into the Public Register. If you’ve forgotten your password, or are not sure, head over to the Public Register and log in from the top left.

If you doesn’t work, just “SIGN UP” or press the “FORGOTTEN PASSWORD” link – and either way you’ll get an invite to sign up again. Both Doms and subs are eligible.

Oh, and though the sign-up form says email is optional, to participate in the Beta, you need to provide a valid email.

♥ Lulu

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