HUD7 Sneak Peak: Anti-Bork Features


HUD7’s quantum core is not just lighter, it packs more inside.  Part of this new power includes new anti-SL-bork features.

Automatic self-repair

Currently, when SL borks your HUD, you are sent a replacement HUD.

With HUD7, it detects the bork and repairs itself, automatically, without intervention.

You almost won’t notice anything.

Smart Restart Button

Sometimes weird things happen due to sync issues that can’t automatically be detected.

The new smart “restart” button:

  • will resolve more issues than the old “reset” button.
  • will monitor individual script restarts, and track the restore progress. Will attempt self-repair if your settings are not fully restored.
  • has a new, more precise progress monitor.
  • addresses race conditions while reducing congestion.

The result? A faster restart that fixes more issues reliably.

All with minimal interruption to you. If you are bound in position, you will remain in position even after a restart.

Replacement HUD

The self-repair and smart restart should address 90% of SL borks and sync issues. If that still didn’t work, then you can always opt for a replacement HUD, which will be sent to you.

Currently, you had to transfer all your gear over – and if your borked HUD was really borked, you can’t even start transfer and you’ll need to set up each Cuff, Collar and Gag again.

No more. Now you just need to wear and activate your new HUD and all your LULU gear are ready to go.

You won’t miss a beat.

Coming soon, with HUD7.

The best anti-bork features yet.

♥ Lulu



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