HUD7 Beta.8 Refresh

HUD7-beta2Hi everyone,

Hope you’re enjoying the Beta so far.

Since beta.7.1 (last blog post on the beta), there have been several patches, including new Menu layouts and help pages and bugfixes.

I’m now a lot happier with the new Menus.

What’s new in HUD7 Beta.8

This refresh introduces Focus, which was known as No-AFK in HUD6. It’s now greatly simplified – no more fiddling with settings. But be warned, it’s tuned a bit harder than before – you might get prompted earlier, and you now have a minute to respond. The button is on the main HUD Menu.

On the plus side, it gives you a second chance if you accidentally clicked a wrong button (like when you were going to click on some other menu when this Menu drops in on you and you ended up clicking this menu instead of the one behind).

In addition, Ban-Talk for the Gag is now working. Note that some emotes are considered cheating. e.g. “/1me agrees” is cheating (no way for people around to know what you think, so this is the same as saying ‘I agree’). Whereas “/1me nods” is ok, because it is an action. The Help button will explain more about what is cheating and what is not.

Also included is Zap, but you’ll need to be an Adept. It’s now easier to turn Zap on or off. There are other anim improvements, some of which kick in only after you’ve been zapped many times.

With Focus and ban-talk working, we’re on track for introducing  Training  Mode (formerly known as Trials) in Beta.9. Stay tuned.

Getting your HUD7 Beta.8

If you have an earlier HUD7 just wear it and you will get the option to update.

If you have HUD 6, just go to the Secret Warehouse, say the password (“ponygirl”) and click the HUD7 Beta Board right above the Update Switch.

Do not wear your old (i.e. current, existing) HUD, uHUD, Collar or Gag together with HUD7. Bad things will happen if you do!

Report any bugs!

With each release, you get a chance to find new bugs!

And get listed on the Bug Catcher Leaderboard

Plus the fuzzy feeling knowing you’ve made your LULU a little better!

♥ Lulu


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