HUD7 Gag Progress Report

HUD7-beta2Hi everyone,

A quick progress update on the Gag:

The Meaning of the Gag

I’ve always wanted the LULU Gag to be much more than a pretty attachment on a pretty face.

That’s why it has a special  garbling engine that randomizes the sub’s words differently each time (so hearers can guess the words). That’s also why Ball Gags garble differently from Ring Gags, which are again different from the Bone/Bit Gags. The HUD7 engines are improved.

But more than that. There’s a time to garble, and there’s a time for Silence.

The Gag in the mouth needs to help its wearer understand its meaning.

And what better way to contemplate the meaning of Silence other than a Training Program?

That’s why HUD6 has the Trials of Silence. But with HUD7, it’s time to improve on the experience.

The Gag Circles and the game is largely the same, just better:

HUD7 Gag Training Improvements

  • Trials are now renamed Training. At the end of the Training program, the First Slave is trained in the Virtue of Silence.
  • Starting a Training Session is now explicit, via a start button.
  • You can also explicitly stop a session via a stop button.
  • The moment the sub levels, the session now ends – except for the last session, when she is made First Slave. In that case the session continues (as in HUD6) in Sudden-Death mode.
  • Only Firsst Slaves are now eligible to vie for the Leaderboards.
  • Each Gag type has the potential to be listed on three different Leaderboards. e.g. Subbie is First Slave on Ring-Strap already, and has just completed First Slave on her Ball-Strap. Her Ball-Strap Session is eligible for listing on: Top 100 (all Gags), Ball Strap (top 20) and First-Slave x2 (top 20).
  • Now the ‘check time‘ button is only available to ‘newbie’ trainees (Initiates and Adepts) to check the time left before leveling. Adepts and Slaves will have a more intense experience by not knowing. The button is always available to the sub’s Owner (but not if she is self-owned).
  • First Slaves (even if you’ve just leveled this session) can use the ‘check time’ button – it will now show  the total time spent in the current Sudden-Death session (which is the score that would be displayed on the Leaderboards).
  • If you clicked on a wrong button during a Focus (previously No-AFK) challenge, you will now be given a second chance, in case it was an accidental click (it happens!)
  • If you crash in the middle of Training (happens during TP!), your progress is preserved. The old Gag used SL’s built-in timer which would get irreversibly rolled-back during crashes.
  • The Gag timer will no longer accidentally unlock mid-Training, due to the required time being made longer from added penalty time.  Instead, the Gag will now unlock the moment the current session ends (whether by a breach, by leveling, or by the stop button).

So when’s it coming?

It’s taken a lot longer than I expected to squeeze all that code into the tiny Quantum Engine framework (which keeps the script-count low so you can visit more sims!).

I’ll probably need another week or two to finetune and test things.

After this, both the Cuffs and the Gag are fully ready for HUD7. And it’s time to work on the Collar.

Exciting times ahead.

Until then,

♥ Lulu


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