New Quantum Engine

Just a quick update. The re-write is going very well.

The LULU system needs to keep track of a lot of user stats, and requires a lot of code to do its magic. A lot of code is also needed to present unique experiences, depending on whether Owners or the sub is using the gear.

Since the launch of the Collar, I’ve been busy developing a new framework called the Quantum Engine. As the name implies, it is tiny, but very powerful. It uses a quite a few original tricks to squeeze all the current capabilities (and then some!) into a much smaller memory area.

The result is that you should be able to use your LULU gear in crowded sims now. With all 8 Cuffs plus Collar and Gag, you might have to be stingy with other worn scripts. But with say 4 Cuffs plus Collar, you should have room for others.

All major technical challenges of the Quantum Engine have been solved, it’s “just” re-coding everything and testing – which still takes a lot of time. But it’s all good.

Over the weeks I’ll share about other exciting improvements.


9 thoughts on “New Quantum Engine”

    1. Hi Robin,

      I think what you really want is an attachment that is attached to your *neck* and not *spine*. That will move with the neck.

      At the moment, this is not possible – see for the reasons.

      I might revisit this in future though. If you wish to see a *neck* attachment regardless, please add it to http://lu2/me/well 🙂


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